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If you're struggling with a slow computer or feel like your system is slowing down your productivity, FiveForge can get you up to speed.

We're here to help. At FiveForge FixIt, we specialize in computer cupgrades that enable your system to run more programs, handle more complex tasks, and store more files efficiently.

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RAM Upgrades

Improve your system’s speed and performance to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
Get me up to speed.


Elevate your system's speed and performance to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
Get me up to speed.

Hard Drives/SSDs

Increase your storage space and cut down on loading times.
I need more space.

Computer Diagnostics

Identify and rectify any issues impeding your computer's performance.
I want my computer to alert me when there's an issue.

System Optimization

Boost your computer's efficiency to get the most out of your system.
I want my computer to be more efficient.

Featured Products

Hard drive to SSD Upgrades

If you need more space for your pictures, videos, and files, our hard drive to SSD upgrades are the perfect solution. They offer increased storage capacity and faster performance

RAM Upgrades

For those who need a faster computer capable of running more programs simultaneously, our RAM upgrades are a game-changer. Experience improved performance like never before.

Graphics Cards Upgrades

No matter what you're doing, our graphics cards upgrades will enhance your visual experiences.

FiveForge FixIt prioritizes your needs and tailors our services to match. We're all about delivering the best upgrades that will leave you satisfied.

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