‘IT’s Only Everything’

Persistent Pain

It’s a story we see over and over. A computer breaks, a virus infects the server, the network goes down. And if that weren’t anxiety-inducing enough, the next thought is inevitably, “Who gets tasked with fixing the issue?” Typically, organizations grab the first available body who’s ever plugged in a computer. It could be a nephew or family friend providing basic break / fix. Maybe it’s an employee who has a bit of background in IT. Perhaps it’s you? And how much is you or your resource’s time worth per hour: $50? $100? $300? $500+? Every time your technology does so much as make an undesired peep, you’re losing money… serious money. Safe to say you or your employee’s time is FAR better spent on their core responsibilities?

Additionally, what is the cascading impact of down technology that prevents teams responsible for thousands of dollars a day in revenue generation from doing their jobs? You could literally lose $40 grand because a software patch failed to install properly and brought down a production line! Wouldn’t you rather your team’s focus be on what they should really be doing— their jobs— as opposed to waiting for something simple that could have been avoided to now be fixed?

And at a deeper, systemic level, who designed the foundation of your software, hardware, network, phones and security to begin with? Further, is anyone watching or is it just plug-n-pray until something breaks? Even if it’s working, do you truly feel it’s load bearing for the kind of growth and momentum you want your organization to experience?

One Solution

You don’t build a power plant and electrical grid to get your electricity. You don’t build a water treatment plant and system of plumbing just so you can get drinking water. If it’s not your core competency, why should you have to attempt to cobble together a highly nuanced system of hardware, software, networking, security, VoIP and monitoring systems? IT is literally its own field of specialization: The time for bringing in a niece, family friend or technology-adjacent employee to fix items when they break is over. There was a time when an office had one disconnected computer and you could do it yourself. That time has passed.

Your business is NOT technology, it’s building products, delivering services and above all, delighting your customers. You need a modern, comprehensive solution with 99.9% uptime that gets out of the way and empowers you to deliver value. A self-healing system to provide a true technological foundation for your organization. Let US do what we delight and excel in, IT, so you can do what YOU love, building your business.

When you run on FiveForge, you experience a seamless process. Our five steps will keep your infrastructure strong, flexible and growing with your organization:

  1. Diagnosis: We complete a comprehensive situation analysis so we understand what your team deals with from line workers to the president
  2. Planning: We develop a detailed project plan toward fixing your outstanding woes, putting core infrastructure in place and keeping everything running smoothly
  3. Implementation: Our team works the plan aggressively and constantly, tracking every last sub-task to make sure you’re getting the value promised
  4. Monitoring, Maintenance, and Improvement: Persistent and proactive, we’ll solve 90%+ of issues without you ever knowing about them. This is a utility like electricity or water, not a bunch of ‘stuff’ you bought
  5. Reporting: We’ll keep you informed ‘just enough’ so you’re aware of the hard work constantly occurring behind the scenes to make technology seamless for you

Firm Foundation

No more thinking about hardware maintenance and software updates. No more thinking about hardware and software at all for that matter, except for fun thoughts like “How will I use this computer to make more money today?” Now when you look at your screen you’ll experience a sense of peaceful control knowing it’s going to work as intended, a former source of anxiety has become an ally.

Henceforth, what you need will show up, just-in-time, fully optimized and monitored. We make it so seamless and invisible we literally have to send you the occasional report just so you know we’re in the background, constantly forging a better total system for you.

Guarantee: We’ll sell you what you need, not a bill of goods: You’ll stay with us over the long-haul because we’re persistently, relentlessly delivering the value you need according to both budget and operations. We’ll make sure your technology is a flywheel constantly spinning faster and delivering greater value. A lot of lip service is given to win-win partnerships but in this case, we’re literally counting on it to put gas in our cars and pay our mortgages. When you’re victorious, we are too.

Available Services

  • IT Leadership
  • System Components
    • Hardware We’re also happy to provide you with a FiveForge branded laptop or desktop. We’ll make sure it’s constantly up-to-date and secure. You turn it on and use it. Welcome to concierge computing!
    • Software
    • Security
    • Phone Systems
    • Networking
  • IT Extension
    • IT Resources On-Demand
  • Coaching & Training
  • Enterprise Software Implementation

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