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Tired of not being able to get on the Wi-Fi or your computer dying AGAIN when you JUST want to relax?


Take a breather. Let US bring the best technology to YOU.

Our five-step process for the best home technology EVER:

Home customers DESERVE business-level treatment.

Over time, we noticed a common theme:

IT companies LOVE to get business customers and almost seem to delight in treating home customers as second-class citizens.

That’s just wrong.

Having been both a home and business customer of our CTO Josh, our CEO Kyle knew what it was like to get world-class treatment on both fronts…

…and hated the memories of all the substandard treatment he’d received previously, both from Mom & Pop shops AND big box retailers.

WHY should a home customer be treated with any less seriousness than a business customer!?

  • Is it any less impactful if you or your child can’t turn in a paper on time?
  • Is it any less annoying if your computer is so slow it feels like you’re driving a golf cart down an interstate?
  • Really and truly, WHO decided home customers deserved substandard service!?

You’ve read to this point, so we’re guessing that you agree.

When you come into FiveForge as a home customer, you have access to service and plans that are the peer equivalent of our business plans.

And yes, if you’re not too concerned about speed-of-service, we have more budget-friendly plans as well.

The important thing is, YES, you can get everything from the budget-friendly option all the way to the bells-and-whistles technology as a home customer.

What We Offer

Sales & Setup

  • Computers
  • Phone Systems
  • Software & Apps
  • Network & Wireless Solutions
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Backup Solutions


  • General Troubleshooting
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • System Speedup
  • Data Recovery
  • Broken Screen Fix or Replacement


  • FiveForge Armor: Technology Security Solution
  • FiveForge Utility Home: Armor + Proactive Technology Management
  • FiveForge Utility Smart Home: Utility Home + Proactive Smart Home Management
  • FiveForge Voice: Easy-to-Use VoIP Phone Service

Bottom line: You have better things to do, and we’re here to make sure you can do them when you want.

How many times have you been sitting down to dinner or curling up on the sofa, only to get interrupted by a yell from the next room:

  • “The printer’s not working!”
  • “The Wi-Fi’s out again!”
  • “The computer’s running slow and my paper’s due TOMORROW!

It gets REALLY old. We’ve been there!

That better way you’ve ALWAYS suspected is possible, where the technology just WORKS for you, your family, and your friends: IT’s here.

At FiveForge Home, we provide you with seamless, always up technology.

Have peace of mind: We’re here to help! You can come to us or we’ll come to you. 🙂

☕️ Let’s talk!

I highly recommend FiveForge to anyone with technical problems. My laptop as well as an iPad had no hope of being restored to a usable condition. Miraculously both are like new now!

Linda P. Business Owner

These guys are sharp! Proactive, intelligent, and talk to you like a human instead of talking down to you. They work with you and really want to know what you needs are and how they can help. Definitely one of the best IT firm's I've ever worked with.

Josh T. Entrepreneur

Josh has a wealth of knowledge of both hardware and software that can provide economical solutions for your business!

Larry K. Business Owner

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