Jen Ditlevson Haglund


A linguistic, copywriting, and quality control expert, Jen ensures EVERY bit of content is excellent, or it is rewritten. Coworkers can attest that mediocrity is dealt with swiftly and ruthlessly.

With more than 15 years of marketing, journalism, and academic experience, Jen has earned her reputation as an adaptable and versatile addition to any team she joins.

Key Attributes

  • Always an editor, Jen brings a deep academic and work history of grammar and language in English (and Spanish) to the table.

  • As a writer, Jen composes copy that conveys AND sells.

  • Although she’ll deny that she’s a natural manager, she’s got a plan, not only for herself but for everyone else in the room.

Jen is the kind, feisty, and formidable force that keeps FiveForge Marketing in line. She enjoys being mistaken for Ms. Frizzle, kindly not correcting students and children who believe they are meeting their hero face-to-face.

Josh Hildebrand


A dual threat, both able to create technical web foundations AND beautiful brands and websites, Josh is in a category of one.

Josh is able to turn around complex projects in ridiculously short timeframes and has saved many a client’s crazy timeline from not being met.

Key Attributes

  • A consummate performance optimizer, he’s known for staying up into the wee hours of the morning to make websites load even a millisecond faster. Yes, Josh likes speed scores.

  • An accidental brand designer, Josh can now enjoy the fact his creations are SO good they’re on numerous customer fleet vehicles.

  • A peerless web designer, Josh’s sites are among the strongest and most beautiful you can find.

Josh and his dynamic girlfriend Gina enjoy providing resort-level accommodations to their handsome cat, Ed.

Oh yeah, and drones, coffee, and more coffee!

Kyle McFarlin


Kyle believes in story as the thread running through every part of business and life. From the moment he found Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey,” he’s applied story theory to everything that happens around him.

He’ll make a morning run for a breakfast burrito sound like high drama.

Having worked with internet marketers since the early 2000s, Kyle brings intense, colorful experience and copywriting chops to the party.

He takes a deep, consultative approach to brand strategy, ensuring that it’s part of the website, copy, and design.

Key Attributes 

  • As a user experience expert, Kyle’s can build website models that drive traffic, engage users, and increase sales.
  • Kyle wouldn’t initially bill himself as a copywriter, but the guy can write like he’s talking to you (hint hint). 

  • Kyle’s deep love of marketing theory fills his vacations. He’s a marketer who listens to the latest copywriting and advertising audiobooks for fun. Nerd. 

  • A certified PMP, Kyle can say his hobby is project management.


He also enjoys all-you-can eat Amish buffets.

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